Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Lunch in Williams Lake on Monday with K & L, stayed overnight with Titfords then south on Tuesday had lunch with Kristie in Chilliwack, then on to Gail's for Tuesday night. Back on the road on Wednesday to meet Linda K in Seattle. Now in Portland, OR will visit with friends in the morning, just a quick visit since Ron is so very sick, back on the road Thursday heading for Spokane in a round about way.

Had a good visit with Kristie at Timmies, lady passing by saw all our knitting and stood and talked for 30 minutes or so, we got her to take pix of us, my camera is in the car will get it in tomorrow and add pix to this email then. Will email a copy of pix to Jean in Edinburgh, she knows both of us in a round about way.

Had supper tonight at Olive Garden soup & salad, was all I wanted. Have yogurt in fridge for breakfast. Wish I had thought to bring in a couple of bottles of water from the car.

Friday, May 23, 2014


And not much to write about any way. Still working on two pair of socks and the gloves pulled from an old project bag that had been hidden away for some time. Will take gloves and the socks with me on upcoming road trip, will be away for a week +. Got all my woolie socks washed in Eucalan and now on wooden rack to dry. Should have internet access when I stop at motels for the night if not will find a local library.

Have had a bit more rain, enuff that grass and weeds are growing like crazy, must seriously think about a riding lawnmower to keep yard trimmed back, helps with skeeter control as well. And for upcoming fire season it make an area away from the house with no dead grasses.

Will be taking my spinning wheel with me and plan to spin in the motels when I stop for the night.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

So much for warm weather

48° and sorta raining, the rain is OK just wish we could go back to a bit warmer days, did have to cave and turn on heat for awhile this morning 40° when I got up just after 5 am, the flickers again playing music on chimney pipes. If'n I had a pellet gun would surely help chase them away.

Delivered two pair booties and baby socks yesterday, hope I remembered to tell her the one pair (Koigu) were hand wash only. Booties from the look of his feet might fit for a couple more days, while socks are a good bit bigger so should be OK right up to winter months. Now finally back to work on the orangerinos, first dec on leg and maybe another 10 rows so far today. Not planning on starting anything new until this pair and the other pair (blues, greens and purples) are done, famous last words. But I'll try.

Have a serious dislike of plying, so as a result have at lest 10 full bobbins and only 2 empties, with the Tour de Fleece coming up soon will have to get my tail in gear and empty some of the full ones.

I’m heading south for a mini road trip towards the end of month, down I 5 to north side of Columbia River then east for sometime, will eventually head north and end up in Spokane, after business there will head over to Ellensburg to visit a friend from Mi now living in Eburg. Will I think motel the whole trip except for Eburg time.

5 deer playing King of the Mountain in my yard area, running all over the place with nothing visible chasing them, just having a good time.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

No Heat

For probably the first time since last September I didn't have to turn on heat this morning, mid 50's F when I got up and sun shining in all the windows did nicely to keep house & wool room comfortable. The leaves have popped in the last several days, even can see dandelions everywhere. But experience reminds me that it ain't gonna last, as soon as Saskatoon blossoms appear we usually get a killing frost.

Went out to Knitting Bee yesterday so I could get gas, while there worked on Koigu baby Monstersocks, Koigu IMHO is not the strongest for adult socks, they tend to wear thru pretty quick (ask how I know this). But for babies socks, slippers, even hats, gloves and especially shawls it can't be beat. Lord knows I have enuff bits on hand to make several more pair of the wee socks.

Am back spinning nearly every morning, try and get in a least 30 minutes after coffee first thing and then maybe more as day progresses. Current mix is from Smith & Ewe in Kamloops, and is a Merino-Nylon blend 80-20. Had hoped that this color would do for one of the upcoming dolls faces, after seeing yarn think a small amount in a tea bath might give me more of the color I want. Imagine that less than an ounce is all I will be needing so if it doesn't work will have loads left to use for socks and such.

In between major projects have been making baby socks, thinking these are 8-12 month size.

Added 8 pm, found my camera, in the bottom of library book bag, anybody's guess why I put it there. But so relieved to have it back. Older camera I resurrected wouldn't keep a charge, so only 5-6 pix and had to recharge. As soon as I can will buy new battery and keep it as a spare.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This & That

Two sets of nesting geese decided this morning to see which pair could make the most noise, small island in the river is nesting site of the two pair and they don’t much like each other. So just after first light 5 am they decided to duke it out. Lots of fly byes and even more noise. So up way to early at -3°, and looked at several new sites on puter, found a sweater I liked well enuff to buy the pattern, called Layter and again with all my greens, blues and purples would be one I would wear a lot. Now to get all the sock orders finished and the dolls knit and maybe just maybe I can finally get to a sweater for me.

The finished Koigu gloves, used a new skein of bright red for the main color then lots of odds & sods from never ending bag of leftover bits. Am sure I will have enuff to do several more pair, before having to get into new skeins from my stash. Now back to socks, have two pair underway and want to have them finished so I can start on the Susan B Anderson dolls.

Quite a nice shout out from Jean Miles on her blog, in Edinburgh about my gloves.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cattle season

Just had 15 of my neighbors Highland cattle (steers) visiting on the east side of my fence, multi colored herd, so far they are staying out of my yard. Owner has been contacted and will be along by and by to gather them up.

Have misplaced my camera, had it with me when at knitting bee on Wednesday and haven't a clue where its wandered off to. Even checked the fridge just in case. So all I have right now is camera in my iPad. Will go over any place I might have been since getting home again.

Second Koigu Monster glove is nearly finished, ring finger today and with a hockey game on tonight might even get it done. Used a skein of solid red for the main color then lots of color changes before finger start. Have been dealing with the many ends as I go along so once glove is finished will just have finger bits to take care of. Once they are done will go back to the socks still on my needles, orangerinos and a pair with lots of blues, greens and purples.

Had enuff rain yesterday that the grass has really popped, imagine dandelions will be next.

Two new followers, welcome, glad to see people still are reading my blog.

Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm back

May 3, 2014 in Williams Lake the morning of the spinning day, was about ready to dive back under covers and call it quits when I looked out the window at this. Amazingly there were very few no shows at the spinning day considering the crappy weather. Was as usual a really good time, good friends, a wonderful lunch and vendors, what could anyone possibly want more at a day like this.

I did cave tho and bought 300 grams of Sweet Violet merino-nylon roving, walked by it for most of the day and then just couldn't resist. Will be perfect to go with the other blues, greens and purples I am eyeing for a replacement or instead of Feb Ladies sweater, someday folks, someday.

By the time the spin do was over the snow had melted off the parking lot and roads. Went back up to Deni's to knit on current Koigu gloves. Deni & her sister Wendy unable to go to the spin day because of a memorial tea for an uncle in Clinton.

Sunday 8am found me in SaveOn for groceries, didn't buy very much, mostly produce and fruit as is the norm for me. After getting groceries on board headed over to Staples to get doll pattern printed, (my printer is not wanting to talk to my computer). 19 pages cost me more than I had paid for the pattern, almost $15. But now have a copy for traveling and making notes on.

Left town 11:30 and home 3 hours later, lots of deer on and close to the road, counted 16 just on and around the Bailiff bypass. Unloaded perishables got everything put away then had a quick crash (nap) for nearly an hour. Large salad for supper, followed by an orange, perfect supper IMO. This morning brought in a couple more bags of stuff, Kleenex, crackers and such plus my basket with camera in.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Williams Lake Spinning day

is on Saturday May 3rd, looking forward to seeing friends I only run into the one day a year. Will overnight in Wms Lk Saturday, then pick up a few things at grocery store and head out here, hopefully home mid day. Always needing salad fixings, mixed organic greens are my favorites, along with peppers, tomatoes (if they look like they might be close to real), cilantro, and cucumbers. Will be Sunday nights supper. Might even cave and buy a cooked chicken from SaveOn, many meals then soup for another several days.

Warm enuff in here today that I had wool room windows open, first time since last September, but it ain't gonna last, supposed to be a sudden cool down, like highs Saturday in mid 30's F. Will take long sleeve flannel shirt to wear over tee just in case the guys at Environment Canada guessed right.

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