Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday

And what did I buy, natural colors of Heritage sock yarn from Paradise Fibers, they had 10% off and that paid for postage. Black, gray, white and brown, 2 each except for the brown only 1 of those. Not really inclined to shop much anywhere regardless of the deals, but the sock yarn in solid colors I need for upcoming sock orders.

I tried to finish these socks last night but anytime after 10 pm I fade fast, knew that there was no way that I would have been able to kitchner the toe when it was all I could do to get my shower and get into bed. Instead finished this morning after having my coffee, no problems while wide awake. Main color was knit pick stroll then lots of leftover bits. Wonder if I will ever run out of leftovers.

Next project will be a pair of mens gloves, going to Vancouver Island when finished, nothing wild & crazy. Then back to socks.

Another good day for soup, cabbage, lentil and what ever else looks like it will work.

2 new followers, welcome

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Finally got the gray handspun socks washed, used Lavender Eucalan no rinse wool wash, its the only thing I use on my socks. The yarn I choose to use for the socks is not the BFL I thought it was, something else from long ago and far away. A bit on the coarse side and am hoping the washing would have eased that a bit, the person they are for may just have to wear thin cotton socks underneath.

Last night while watching Monday Nite Football finished the first sock of the Turkies pair, quite sure I am going to reverse all colors and patterns on sock #2, or so I am now thinking.

Washed my soup bowl from last night and the pan I used to reheat the chicken w/ rice soup, then started 8 eggs to hard boil for egg salad to take with me to knitting bee tomorrow.
Now ready to start on turkie #2. All done before 9 am. When I have a list of things I want to do seems as tho if I don't finish I regret not getting everything done, not today list is finished.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I haz heat (again)

Local electrician (knows a lot about gas) was here this morning and both heaters are working again, hope and pray that it is the last problems I'll have this winter, big propane tank is full and that should take me well into February. Last few days have been relatively mild for Nov so easily got away by wearing lotsa woolies, fingers were the most uncomfortable, can't knit with gloves on.

Finished the really boring plain light gray socks, no color or patterns just as plain as they could possibly be. Won't be in a hurry to make another pair any time soon. Broke out the turkies as soon as I finished the gray, about 1/3 down foot so far but another football game on at 5:30 that I plan on watching.

Started a whole chicken breast in soup pot about 10 am, after it was cooked added celery, carrots, chicken with the rice the last in the pot, should be ready to eat in next 30 minutes or so. Enuff for tonight, tomorrow and prolly Tuesday, can eat soup almost every meal.

Now that wool room is warm again can get back to spinning the light turquoise merino-nylon mix, first bobbin is nearly full. Still thinking about the Feb Ladies sweater but found the pattern for the Summer Braids cardigan and its looking good as well, may be flipping a quarter to decide on which one I want to do.

Monday, November 12, 2012

This & That

Still working the the perfectly plain light gray socks, first sock of the pair is done and have cast on for second. To satisfy my color craving also have the first sock of a turquoise pair started, much easier for me to work on the turkies.

Have suddenly had a big influx of blog viewers from the UK and Europe, love seeing where everyone is from but wish I knew how they all found my simple little blog. But still no new followers, old blog had 140+ but so far new blog is static at 41. But that is OK they will come when new blog is found.

Cold and gray again today in my wild mountain valley, with the furnace in main part of house still not working I dress for the occasion, woolies all around. Just can't knit with fingerless gloves on so end up shedding them when I get into the house for my Monday nite Football game at 5 pm. The small infra red heater is doing a remarkable job in keeping house up around the comfort area.

The vegetable soup I made on Saturday sure was an outstanding batch, had no trouble enjoying every mouth full. Sure do like lots of celery and cabbage in my veg soups.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Town trip

Did the quick & dirty trip to town yesterday, (3 hours each way), main reason was prescription refills, and restocking the produce larder, absolutely amazing how much stuff disappears in a bit over 3 weeks, have again broccoli, cabbage, celery, carrots, mixed salad greens, squash etc. Sure looks like we picked a good day to go in, freezing rain in the forecast for later today, climbing up Sheep Creek Hill on slick roads is not my idea of fun.

Saw 12 deer on the way in just as daylight was breaking and only 6 on way home at dusk, most uncomfortable part was a guy on horseback driving cows along the main road well after dusk, he and cows barely showed up. But made it home safely, then let L take car home with her to unload her groceries.

After putting groceries away, had my shower then watched MNF while all snug in a long sleeved flannel nightgown, took a look at my current sock knitting and decided it just wasn't going to happen, prolly close to 45 rows on 72 stitches. Main color was the dark teal then added a few stripes of other stuff, just didn't fly right. So pulled it out. Felt better right away. So will instead start the light gray BFL-Silk mix, no color just plain.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I had heat

Pilot light was re lit for first time a week ago Friday, then it was out by Monday so this time I got it re lit then out again by Wednesday, re lit once again for about 24 hours then blankey blank thing was out again, so now guess I'll have to beg my electrician neighbor to maybe come take a look at stupid thing. He is busy as a one armed paper hanger building his new house so just hope & pray he can squeeze my heater in.

Latest Monstersocks, this pair sold before I had even cast on for second sock. Some think I'm borderline nutso for having to deal with so many ends, guess I've been doing it so long that it just feels normal to me. Have another pair similar to do then a couple of pair of plain light gray handspun, will be difficult to not sneak in some color here and there.

Raining lightly this morning, I am planning on going to town tomorrow if this mess doesn't freeze by morning. Need prescriptions refilled plus out of almost all produce and a bunch of other things. Wouldn't just go for groceries but needing so much and the prescriptions will just have to bite the bullet and do it. Hopefully can be in and out in one day, maybe home before its dark and the deer are on the road.

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